STEM Simplified: Create an Inventor’s Box


Create an Inventor's Box STEM for kids

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Create an Inventor’s Box

A large part of being good in science, technology, engineering, and math is the ability to think outside the box.  A great way to get your kids tinkering, discovering, playing, and using their imagination is by creating an Inventor’s Box for them (some call it a Tinker Box).  What is an Inventor’s box you ask?  It’s just a box filled with odds and ends that your kids can use to create projects.  It’s also nice to include things that includes some type of little motor or is battery operated so that your kids can possibly take the item apart to discover how it works.

As I was putting the items in my kids’ boxes, my kids were definitely getting excited.  My daughter thanked me and said “There’s so many possibilities.”

What I included in our Tinker Box

Most of the supplies for our tinker boxes came from Dollar Tree.  I included items such as clothes pins, styrofoam balls and disks, bakers twine, a personal mini fan, a LED light, bungee cord, an over-the-door hook, and masking tape.  It’s really easy to find many things to put in such a creative box from Dollar Tree.

Oh, the possibilities are endless with an Inventor’s box.  So your job is to fill the tinker box, and it’s the kids’ jobs to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! My daughter decided she wanted to make the planets.  So went and got a Space book to work on her project.


My son and little one decided to do some painting.

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