Assembling an Airplane, a simple STEM Activity

Build an Airplane STEM Activity for Kids

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An Airplane Kit – an Easy STEM Activity Your Kids Will Love

What little boy doesn’t like making and flying airplanes?!  Now you can do it the old fashioned way and just make paper airplanes, but another option is to buy an airplane kit so your child can assemble the airplane himself.  My son Andre` purchased a Rubber powered airplane.  He and I worked on assembling it together.

A Good Way to Practice Following Directions

Assembling a project is a great time for your child to practice following directions, or if your child can’t read well enough to read a set of detailed instructions, it’s a good opportunity for them to get practice following directions that you give to them.

Simple Ways to Incorporate STEM into the activity

During the assembly process, we even got the opportunity to talk about words such as horizontal and vertical (as there were horizontal and vertical wings).  After the airplane was assembled, Andre` had a fun time playing with it.  He flew it in the living room, from the top of the stairs, and over the balcony.  It’s amazing how much fun your kids can have playing and using their imagination with their toys instead of just watching tv or playing games on a tablet.

So if you’re looking for STEM activities to start doing with your kids, look for simple things you can do with your child.

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